TC, also known as Tropical Carbon is the parent company of instaForest and was started by two brothers, Damian and Chris. Damian was a Biosecurity Agent and Chris was a Construction Manager. An unlikely skill set for two people aspiring to save the world.

Damian had an idea. Chris had some contacts. Pauline provided the finances and Steve counted the beans. Peter produced a spreadsheet and John lent us his top paddock. This was the start of something transformative!

Damian’s idea was simple. If we could grow a forest, with no empty space between the trees, then such a forest would have far more wood in it. As wood is half carbon, a forest that had more wood, would have more carbon.

By eliminating Competition we identified a very special tree that instead of competing with other trees of its own kind, it will actually fuse with its fellow tree and become one living organism.

Despite many false starts and numerous setbacks, we have finally developed and patented a completely new kind of forest. A forest that has no space between the individual trees. A forest that is completely sold. A forest that is literally, just one giant block of living wood. The world’s most Carbon Dense forests.

When you sponsor a tree with TC, we provide you with instant social proof your tree has been planted. We post a photo of every tree, with your name, on social media (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) and onto our website. No photoshop. No asking you to trust in some random third-party verification whatever…endorsed by Blah Blah Blah.

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After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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